What is Time for the Planet?

  • A non-profit organisation developping and implementing 100 major innovations to fight climate change on a global scale;
  • One of the 10 projects that have raised the highest level of funds in participatory financing in Europe;
  • An organization that relies on collective intelligence, entrepreneurship and the principle of sharing these solutions according to the rules of open source, pillars that are part of the heart of our profession as coaches.

What we at Brain Booster expect as return on investment:

  • The creation of at least 100 economically viable businesses that fight global warming and whose profits are immediately reinvested;
  • Performance indicators related to the environment;
  • The financing of open source technologies everywhere and for everyone.


So it's Time For The Planet...get inspired and do what we do... time-planet.com.


Opinion piece 

Good news!

Some good news 2022 because at Brain Booster we are optimistic. It is when we least believe in it that the real changes begin...

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Christmas from the Tuscan hills

I have the immense luck and privilege of being able to take refuge in the beauty of the Tuscan hills. From these harmonious and rejuvenating landscapes, a letter written by Fra Angelico to a friend in 1453 inspired me...

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Where Do We Go From Here? Chaos or community?

Today is a national holiday in the US. And guess what... America is honoring the birthday of Martin Luther King, the man who has relentlessly fought for the end of racial segregation, actively contributed to passing the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act. Nobel Prize for Peace in 1964, he was assassinated 4 years later.

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Choose to be grateful

It is not that I am really a big fan of traditional holidays and celebrations... but Thanksgiving is my favorite. Not because of the turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and the cranberry celebrating the first harvest of the Mayflower pilgrims...
but for taking a pause to reflect back on the past year and for what we can be grateful for.