Our approach

A passionate supervision, exercised with humanism, authenticity, diversity and creativity, open to all professionals in the field of coaching, whether they are in-house or external coaches, mediators, HR managers or managers.

  • The choice of individual or group supervision
  • The option to create a supervision group for in-house coaches of a same company and/or to integrate a group made up of coaching professionals (external coaches, mediators, etc.)
  • Supervision available in French and in English

Just as we work with our coachees, we establish a supervision contract in order to set up a safe and nourishing environment: attendance and punctuality, co-responsibility of the group's dynamic, attainment of one's own objectives, co-construction of the operating framework, observance of the rule of confidentiality, mutual respect and kindness between peers to make supervision a place of learning and experimentation.

The benefits of supervision

  • Provide coaching professionals with the opportunity to recharge and reenergise as well as a privileged environment for them to ask questions, voice their fears and regain confidence in moments of doubt.
  • Promote growth by developing, in addition to one's technical expertise, active listening skills and an ability to express one's emotions.
  • Allow to explore the different facets of one's professional identity so as to align them with one's coaching practice.
  • Give the possibility to take a step back from clients and assignments, interpersonal and institutional relations, working on cases that raise questions.
  • Provide a way out of the solitude of the coach/client relationship in a safe and nourishing environment, to enrich one's network of peers.
  • Give professionals the opportunity to open up to and gain new perspectives.
  • A chance to challenge and to be challenged in order to sweep away grey areas and blind spots, to "clean your glasses".
  • An exploration of the richness of group dynamics.
  • An opportunity to build and expand one's network.

Supervision Group 2021

A supervision group that welcomes both in-house and external coaching professionals, led by two senior supervision coaches with different and complementary personalities, energies, approaches and backgrounds: Suzanne Peters and Mario-Jacques Castonguay.

This supervision in tandem was born out of a desire to enhance what we can bring to you and thus enrich your perspectives on this exciting and complex profession.


1h30 of online supervision
to deal with a specific and urgent question from a client you are working with


Challenging and improving my practices

"Following my participation in co-development groups and in a training program designed and led by coaches from the Brain Booster team, I started to facilitate groups within my company. At the same time, I continued, through supervision with coaches Gilles Vialard and Nathalie Estellat, to question and improve my coaching methodologies and practice. After a little more than a year of facilitating co-development groups, I feel that I have progressed in my ability to create the conditions that allow for me to get the best out of collective intelligence, through an increased ability to detect difficult situations in a group, to adapt my communication accordingly, and to encourage varied and constructive solutions to emerge. In addition and beyond the personal benefits, this programme has enabled us to create, within my organization, a team of facilitators capable of contributing to the development of the managerial and leadership skills of the company's managers."

Jean D.
Manager of managers - Industrial group