Prevention and
management ofburnout

3-day module (2+1)

This comprehensive training course will cover :

Constructive inputs with definitions, triggers, symptoms, physical, mental and emotional health repercussions
Legislation and labour law
The actors of a multidisciplinary treatment team and the role of everyone in the process
Prevention strategies, levers of vitality and energy


Tools and solutions to help my coachees

"As a coach, I have to admit that the subject of burnout comes up regularly in my discussions with companies and with the coachees themselves. While reflecting during a supervision session on the questions that this topic raised for me, I noticed that there were many: how to make a client understand that he is at risk and help him to make the right decisions to avoid putting himself in danger? How do you help a client who is in the middle of a crisis? How far should you get involved in supporting your client? When to hand over? To whom should the client be referred? What preventive measures should be implemented within a company to avoid an epidemic of burnout? I therefore felt the need to train myself on the subject. The training with Suzanne and Mario-Jacques totally met my needs: both coaches and expert in burnout, its prevention and recovery strategies - they approach this topic with great seriousness, in a nonetheless relaxed environment that is conducive to learning. The course covered theoretical frameworks and included opportunities to share our own experiences of burnout management in the workplace and to take a step back from our position as coaches. It provided me with the tools and understanding to better anticipate and identify risks, and to help my coaches take care of themselves in a preventative or curative way. Thanks to Suzanne and Mario-Jacques, I now feel better equipped and more legitimate to support my clients on this delicate subject matter."

Alice S.
Executive coach