Our approach

A passionate supervision, exercised with humanism, authenticity, diversity and creativity, open to all professionals in the field, whether they are coaches, mediators, consultants etc.

The choice of individual or group supervision including a group co-facilitated by 2 supervisors whose knowledge and experiences complement each other. 

Supervision available in French and in English.

Just as we work with our clients, we establish a supervision contract in order to set up a safe and nourishing environment: attendance and punctuality, co-responsibility of the group's dynamic, attainment of one's own objectives, co-construction of the operating framework, observance of the rule of confidentiality, mutual respect and kindness between peers to make supervision a place of learning and experimentation.

The benefits of supervision

  • Provide coaching professionals with the opportunity to recharge and reenergise as well as a privileged environment for them to ask questions, voice their fears and regain confidence in moments of doubt.
  • Promote growth by developing, in addition to one's technical expertise, active listening skills and an ability to express one's emotions.
  • Allow to explore the different facets of one's professional identity so as to align them with one's coaching practice.
  • Give the possibility to take a step back from clients and assignments, interpersonal and institutional relations, working on cases that raise questions.
  • Provide a way out of the solitude of the coach/client relationship in a safe and nourishing environment, to enrich one's network of peers.
  • Give professionals the opportunity to open up to and gain new perspectives.
  • A chance to challenge and to be challenged in order to sweep away grey areas and blind spots, to "clean your glasses".
  • An exploration of the richness of group dynamics.
  • An opportunity to build and expand one's network.

Supervision Group 2021

A supervision group led by a pair of senior supervisory coaches, a man and a woman, with different and complementary personalities, energies, approaches and backgrounds: Suzanne Peters and Mario-Jacques Castonguay.

This supervision in tandem was born out of a desire to enhance what we can bring to you and thus enrich your perspectives on this exciting and complex profession.


1h30 of online supervision
to deal with a specific and urgent issue with a client you are working with


Creativity and dynamism

"Why limit yourself to one supervisor when you can have two? Suzanne and Mario-Jacques, the rich combination of talents of a man and a woman. What I'll remember of this dynamic duo:

  • Their welcome is always warm and never judgmental,
  • Their complementarity,
  • Their meta-position to take us higher and beyond the issue at stake
  • Their methods that are never rigid and always innovative,
  • The way they position themselves as equal to us, the supervised,
  • Their emotional intelligence,
  • Their remarks and contribution always at the right time, in the right place, like surgeons of the soul,
  • Their charisma and listening skills,
  • Their combined creativity and energy,
  • Their support is as close as possible to the experience and needs of each participant,
  • Their expertise humbly put at our service,
  • Their multidisciplinarity,
  • Their ability to challenge us, always with benevolence,
  • Their kindness and generosity.

Christine A.
Associate Director Arkos


"You have embodied and given way to strength and vulnerability for me in this chaotic year of professional growth and development. What professionalism! Thank you for your welcome in every sense of the word.

Carol B.