Our methodology

  • Our sessions are co-developed with our clients in order to be as close as possible to their culture, their ecosystem and their needs.
  • The coaching objectives are shared transparently with all the members of the team and the concrete indicators are defined collectively.
  • The results are measured by the degree of implementation of the new behaviours and decisions made during the coaching.
  • Our skills and models are shared to increase our clients' autonomy and implement an active group dynamic.


  • Defining the boundaries that the team needs in order to function and that need to be put in place collectively.
  • Being aware that respect for diversity, complementary skills and multiple points of view allow talents to be used to their full potential and form a melting pot for individual and collective development.
  • Highlighting the repetitive mechanisms (patterns) that generate dysfunction, avoidance or conflict behaviours that degrade trust and collaboration.
  • Breaking out of patterns and frames of reference that inhibit innovation and performance.
  • Developing a culture of individual feedback between team members and collective feedback on the management of meetings and projects.
  • Putting into practice collective intelligence mechanisms to achieve the objectives set co-responsibly.
  • Improving the distribution of responsibilities and decision-making within the company, in particular by implementing meeting processes to enhance efficiency and cooperation.


3 hours in video-conference or face-to-face.

For example, during lockdown:
Maintaining team energy and adapting collectively to instability
Organising new ways of working


This coaching is one of the reasons for our success.

"Suzanne worked with my project team composed of a group of EDF managers and our main partner. The objective was to create a real team dynamic beyond the client-supplier relationship; we were going through a very intense start-up phase and any lack of connection, transparency and trust between these managers could lead to failure. It was no easy task at first! The cultural differences between the two companies, the contract, the mistrust that had built up over the months were all reasons for this coaching not to succeed. Suzanne knew how to put "all these elephants in the room" at the heart of our exchanges. By giving us the simple rules of a transparent and considerate dialogue, we were able to share our feelings, overcome prejudices and above all, build the foundations of a new collaboration. Suzanne's facilitation was both understanding and demanding (no shying away from our responsibilities!). In just 5 sessions, spread over a few months, the outcome exceeded my expectations: on top of a healthier and stronger relationship, this coaching allowed for us to adjust the roles of each of us so as to work better together. As a result, we experienced and succeeded in an intense phase of start-up tests that lasted more than 4 months and this coaching is one of the reasons for our success.

Sébastien B.
Commissioning Director, EPR Project, Flamanville 3