Our methodology

  • The individual coaching process is initiated on the basis of professional objectives agreed with the company.
  • The duration of the coaching process and the number of sessions are based on the objectives that need to be met. It can be brief when the objective is specific.
  • In a team or organisation support programme, we offer "coaching on demand", a global hourly package with a determined number of sessions used at the discretion of the team members without a prior tripartite contract.

Individual coaching topics include

  • Demonstrate your leadership potential
  • Developing your managerial palette
  • Stepping into a new role
  • Becoming a member of a governing body
  • Developing your performance levers
  • Dealing with difficult personalities
  • Managing crisis situations
  • Supporting change and transformation
  • Developing cooperation mechanisms
  • Mapping out stakeholders and relevant partners to optimise interactions
  • Optimising your communication
  • Maintaining vitality and preventing work-related stress
  • Building a professional project


3 times 1 hour of individual remote coaching to unblock a specific and punctual problem.

For example, during lockdown:
Managing energy and preventing stress while working remotely
Preventing and managing conflict


The coaching I did with Suzanne when I first took up my position as a manager was decisive

"The coaching I did with Suzanne when I first took up a management position was decisive. Indeed, with Suzanne's support, I was able to adjust my posture and have the confidence to show authentic and feminine leadership. The exchanges with Suzanne, always positive and considerate, allowed me to get the feedback I was missing in my environment as well as to take a step back from the challenges of my new position. I particularly appreciated her very positive approach and her open-mindedness which really encouraged me to assert myself. I would add that Suzanne is particularly committed to the development of women's leadership and that it is a pleasure to work with her because you can feel that she takes this mission to heart."

Sophie E.
Director of the AS PSC, EDF Group

Immense gift to quickly identify an individual's strengths

"Suzanne has an immense gift to quickly identify an individual's strengths and help her/him fully express it for the benefit of organizations and their own as they embrace their full human experience. She is incredibly honest yet very compassionate. Her deep knowledge of psychology allows her to see in individuals strengths that they themselves may not yet fully recognize and live them. She was instrumental for me to fully live my resilience and leadership potential as I embraced a new career opportunity in the midst of personal changes and challenges."  

Raquel M.
VP and Head, Global Regulatory Affairs, Sanofi Global Consumer Healthcare