Our specificity: a tailor-made approach focused on return on investment

Our training modules are designed to meet the specific needs of organisations: culture, strategy, business objectives, competency models and existing systems. Our offers are co-constructed in close collaboration with our clients.

  • We address all levels of the company: co-directors and management bodies, leaders and managers, cross-functional project teams, high potentials, first-time managers and employees.
  • We design offerings ranging from modules that can be integrated into existing courses to the creation of ad-hoc programmes for corporate universities.
  • Our network of partners allows us to choose the best speakers in each field, experts and renowned speakers.
  • We run events in French, English or other languages in partnership with our international network.
  • We measure the performance of our modules using qualitative and quantitative criteria. This feedback allows us to position ourselves in a process of continuous improvement and evolution of the material.

Our pedagogical approach

We take the time to assess the situation and ensure consistency with the existing course and strategy.

Experience is a powerful driver of learning and transformation. We offer:

  • Multi-modal or blended learning courses, synchronous and asynchronous, remote and/or face-to-face
  • An action and results-oriented approach: active learning
  • A variety of educational approaches with a team of multidisciplinary speakers
  • Self-assessment tools in relation to the educational objectives.

Professional development: some themes...

  • Embodied leadership in a VUCA world
  • Management and Sustainable Performance
  • Cooperation in teams and across departments
  • Supporting business transformation
  • Communication and Feedback
  • Maximise your impact
  • Knowing yourself better to better organise yourself
  • Using Collective Intelligence on a daily basis
  • Training in co-development facilitation
  • Conducting a professional development interview
  • HR career path
  • Preserve your vitality to better manage your stress
  • Training for leaders and managers: Burnout, a hot topic
  • Training for coaches and HR staff: How not to remain powerless when facing burnout?

Leadership programmes

We design and implement tailor-made leadership programmes
in close collaboration with our clients.

From the design of global and multidimensional programmes, to their coherent and relevant articulation with all existing systems, to their alignment with the company's development strategy, to the selection of external contributors, relevant skills and expertise, to the coordination of all the players, right up to facilitation and coaching, we define ourselves as project managers and assemblers of ambitious and innovative programmes.


Great listening skills and open-mindedness

"All interactions and experiences with Suzanne have been very powerful moments, which have left their mark on both minds and hearts. Because with Suzanne, we have to talk about experience, in the sense of a shared and authentic adventure. Suzanne has supported us on several occasions as part of a leadership development programme for future leaders. From the beginning, our collaboration was placed under the sign of fluidity, mutual enrichment, dynamism, positive energy and enjoyment. Calling on Brain Booster seemed an obvious choice: not only does Suzanne provide a precise and accurate analysis of trends and issues in leadership, but she also has an intelligent and innovative vision of the major movements at work in the world of today and tomorrow. Suzanne is open-minded and a great listener, her approach is driven by both extreme intellectual rigour and honesty: she knows how to grasp your issues to help you maximise your impact, think in a disruptive way to better challenge yourself, and open up new fields of exploration to help you gain perspective. Her approach is global, involving the mind, the heart and the body, a fundamental triptych for working on one's personal signature as a leader in an uncertain and increasingly complex environment, which requires, more than ever, that one be aligned with one's own values in order to engage one's teams and one's organisation towards sustainable and positive performance.

Sylvie P.
Program Director - Corporate University, Société Générale


2 times 1 hour online
Maximise your impact via video conference




Strengthen your Personal Impact


98% of participants believe that the quality of the speakers allowed them to integrate new learning

95% of them have acquired communication tools that can be used on a daily basis

79% achieved the goals they had set for themselves

100% recommend this course


Strengths (excerpts from verbatim reports)

  • Personalized approach (coaching) & peer to peer (mutual aid in the group)
  • My key words: interactivity/benevolence/energy
  • A good mix between the theoretical part and the concrete situation
  • A lot of practice, friendly and very expert trainers, concrete tools easy to put into practice
  • Dare, try, listen would be the terms that would best define this training

In 2022: 19 two-day sessions / 109 respondents out of 140 participants, i.e. 77.86% of respondents to the Google Forms Questionnaire.

Communication and Feedback


96% of the participants feel that the quality of the speakers allowed them to integrate new learning

98% are more aware of personality styles and have discovered new communication options

96% of them discovered new options on feedback

90% achieved the goals they set for themselves


Strengths (excerpts from verbatim reports)

  • Role-playing, exchange of experiences, changes of pace between slides and role-playing
  • The quality of the speaker, the mix between theory and practical exercises
  • Work on communication analysis and how to give relevant feedback
  • A calm and constructive exchange / progress thanks to the experiences of each
  • Interactivity & relevance of the trainer

In 2022: 10 sessions - 1 day / 48 respondents out of 75 participants, i.e. 64% of respondents to the Google Forms Questionnaire.

Brain Booster is a training organisation that meets the highest quality standards.

Approval no. 119214149 dated 19 September 2002
Direction Régionale du Travail, de l'Emploi et de la Formation Professionnelle d'Ile de France.