Our methodology

Each of our interventions is different, multi-modal and tailor-made to match the uniqueness of our clients and their projects.

  • We spend the necessary time exploring the request and asking questions before proposing a programme.
  • We designed seminars centred on individuals, teams and the organisation's system to reach all the relevant hierarchical levels, leaving room for the organisation to unfold, discover itself, dare to ask questions and find solutions in a collective responsibility.
  • We set up a multi-disciplinary support architecture integrating a variety of reading grids, models and tools.

Our tools

We offer a wide range of innovative approaches, models and tools:

Systemic approach, Gestalt, Transactional Analysis, Organisational Sociology, Appreciative Inquiry, playful pedagogy etc.

We use collective intelligence processes to transform an organisation in a short time:


Our empathetic yet objective and questioning attitude, our creativity and our capacity for innovation enable us to accelerate transformations, to take up challenges and to create sustainable performance.


Giving teams and individuals the ability to change their outlook based on a systemic review of the organisation and the development of its creative potential

Bringing the system back to life through agility and collective intelligence

Create an alliance with sponsors to promote change, growth mindset and allow for "risk-taking"

Helping the company define a vision that will give rise to a sense of purpose, the prioritisation of strategic activities, organisational choices that will help achieve the company's objectives, and relational processes that will allow collective intelligence to unfold

Engage all the actors in a clear, defined and stimulating direction to enable a transition towards new modes of operation and behaviours that will change the company's culture.


Ability to understand the root cause and issues at stake

"Beyond the pleasure of meeting a top level individual coach, I see two major added values in working with Suzanne on the transformation of a team or a company. First of all, Suzanne has the ability to understand the background and the issues at stake while having the distance to focus on the people/organisational transformation part, which is often the real sticking point to successfully execute an innovative strategy. Secondly, she is very demanding of herself and of the mission entrusted to her: it is impossible to pretend or to do things by halves. Suzanne will courageously seek out any blockages to ensure that her support has a lasting impact. With a great deal of empathy and humanism, she enables you to take your teams very far and not compromise on the initial project. This is rare and very precious.

Alexis V.
General Manager, Ipsen France

"Suzanne accompanied our project team in charge of managing the construction of a hydroelectric dam in Cameroon during its strong growth in the upstream phase. In a necessarily complex context of rapid change and very diverse cultures, the support was first provided through individual meetings, then during seminars involving the different communities of our teams (Executive Committee, Expatriates, Managers' Community), trying to make the most of our cultural differences and our common values. By advising us on the phases of meetings and exchanges, by encouraging people to speak out and by framing the workshops, Suzanne succeeded in making these sessions a real collective and individual success. In addition to the pleasure of the time spent together, it was the feeling of belonging and the mechanisms of trust that were really improved. So much so, in fact, that the turbulent period of COVID-19, which seriously shook up the organisation of our teams and the whole project a few months after these sessions, showed the solidity of our collective despite the distance work. Between her creativity, her desire to bring out the best of the human values of individuals, and her numerous references of tools and methods, Suzanne has fundamentally helped us to progress together.

Xavier M.
Nachtigal Project Director, EDF