Mario-Jacques CASTONGUAY

Mario-Jacques CASTONGUAY

Gestalt Coach, Supervisor & Therapist


Mario-Jacques Castonguay defines himself as a gardener of being. He works with the intimate conviction that the deepest Being of each person is like a seed, it needs attentive care, good soil, water, light, and a lot of warmth, it does not need to be pulled, pushed in all directions, nor does it need complex words to be encouraged to bloom.

Originally from Quebec, Mario-Jacques has been living in France since 1995. His different activities are based on the same desire to support and facilitate transformations, whether they are personal, professional, in partnerships or in teams.
He embodies raw authenticity with a dose of joie de vivre and sheer enjoyment. It is almost impossible to hide when working with him, his curiosity and interest in others lead him to explore, to try to understand in order to facilitate transformations.

Mario-Jacques Castonguay loves to learn and refine his practice in order to offer ever more effective coaching that is better suited to his clients and the situations they encounter.

His credo: rapport, the connection with oneself first and then with others. It is a precious tool that he knows how to handle with care.

Having worked for several years in America, Europe and South-East Asia as a manager and then as a coach and consultant with managers, experts and leaders in groups of all sizes, both national and international, he knows how to navigate a multicultural environment and can step in as an expert in the service of organisational and personal development in companies, by allowing each person to accept to "see and show themselves as they are" in connection to their deepest nature

He holds an MBA from HEC Montreal and continued his training in France to become a certified coach, therapist and supervisor with Gestalt-PGRO, NLP and Tantra as his main foundations.

Bilingual, Mario-Jacques works in both French and English.