Coaching organization 02

"Suzanne worked with my project team composed of a group of EDF managers and our main partner. The objective was to create a real team dynamic beyond the client-supplier relationship; we were going through a very intense start-up phase and any lack of connection, transparency and trust between these managers could lead to failure. It was no easy task at first! The cultural differences between the two companies, the contract, the mistrust that had built up over the months were all reasons for this coaching not to succeed. Suzanne knew how to put "all these elephants in the room" at the heart of our exchanges. By giving us the simple rules of a transparent and considerate dialogue, we were able to share our feelings, overcome prejudices and above all, build the foundations of a new collaboration. Suzanne's facilitation was both understanding and demanding (no shying away from our responsibilities!). In just 5 sessions, spread over a few months, the outcome exceeded my expectations: on top of a healthier and stronger relationship, this coaching allowed for us to adjust the roles of each of us so as to work better together. As a result, we experienced and succeeded in an intense phase of start-up tests that lasted more than 4 months and this coaching is one of the reasons for our success."

"Beyond the pleasure of meeting a top level individual coach, I see two major added values in working with Suzanne on the transformation of a team or a company. First of all, Suzanne has the ability to understand the background and the issues at stake while having the distance to focus on the people/organisational transformation part, which is often the real sticking point to successfully execute an innovative strategy. Secondly, she is very demanding of herself and of the mission entrusted to her: it is impossible to pretend or to do things by halves. Suzanne will courageously seek out any blockages to ensure that her support has a lasting impact. With a great deal of empathy and humanism, she enables you to take your teams very far and not compromise on the initial project. This is rare and very precious.