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In recent years, the practice of co-development has expanded to a wider and wider audience, including organizations.

Claude Champagne revisits the fundamentals of the method and enriches the subject with feedback from coaching professionals.

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We have been successfully using this solution-oriented collective intelligence practice for 20 years now.

The co-development group is an approach that aims to better understand and act in professional situations, and to improve managerial skills.

Based on concrete examples from the participants, the process allows for individual and collective reflection during sessions where each person is in turn the client, the coach or even the facilitator after a period of training.

Over the course of the sessions, the group forms a learning community sharing the same objectives of improving knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills.

Through the variety of points of view expressed during a session and the collective intelligence of the group, participants become progressively empowered in challenging existing paradigms that then allows for options and solutions to emerge.

"Benefits" diagram

Our publications 

Rediscover body intelligence

By Eve Berger-Grosjean.
All learning, all interaction, all processes of evolution and transformation are initiated and embodied in the body.

Our publications Vitality and prevention of BO

"Le Guide Psycho"

Suzanne Peters wrote the chapter "Stress or burnout" in Le Psycho Guide, a reference book on "well-being" edited by Dr Sylvie Angel and published by Larousse.

Our publications Vitality and prevention of BO

Overcoming burnout

Chronic fatigue, loss of motivation and efficiency at work, feeling overwhelmed, self-deprecation, increasing irritability and lack of concentration... Burnout is not inevitable. It can be managed, and better still, prevented.

Co-development Our publications

Co-development and Theory U, resonances and synergies

By Suzanne Peters and Gilles Vialard published in the Bulletin Veille et Recherche of the AQCP. This article conceptualises a new model that emerged during a training session that Gilles and Suzanne gave to a group of managers whom they trained in co-development facilitation.