Alexandra BOHUON

Alexandra BOHUON



After 12 years abroad and 20 years in the corporate world, Alexandra Bohuon decided to follow the path that inspired her the most. Inherently interested in diversity, people's uniqueness and their behaviours, she has focused her career on "The Relationship". Convinced that speaking out is liberating, she supports those interested in expressing their feelings and concerns in an environment that upholds strict confidentiality and objectivity.

Her objectives: to bring people together, to help them "dare to speak up", to facilitate genuine communication channelled through a safe space in order to find solutions and ways out of conflictual situations that can be paralysing for them and, by extension, for the companies or families to which they belong.

Two talented people will only be able to express their full potential if their relationship is inspiring and harmonious.
Alexandra Bohuon uses a systemic approach to work with people who wish to get out of contentious situations by helping them analyze their relationship.
She works on family-related issues (with families and family businesses) and with teams in companies whose work is restrained by relational difficulties.

The State-registered Diploma in Family Mediation opens the doors to legal and social institutions. Alexandra Bohuon works with public organizations in the health sector (Ehpad, ARS...)
Sworn in by the Court of Appeal of Paris since 2018, she is assigned to cases by judges and lawyers.
She puts her alterity, her optimism and her complete confidence in people's abilities at their service.

  • State-registered Diploma in Family Mediation (Certified in the RNCP (National Directory of Professional Certifications -6-)
  • NLP Practitioner (Neuro Linguistic Programming)