Frédéric SEGARD

Frédéric SEGARD

Coach & Consultant in verbal and behavioural communication


A degree in performing arts, actor and director, Frédéric Ségard has been putting his pedagogical skills at the service of companies for over 20 years.

Frédéric helps people improve their verbal and behavioural communication through exercises, scenarios and role-playing.

He works with his clients individually and collectively on a wide range of topics, for example: public speaking, assertiveness and the impact of one's self-image, the voice-body connection. He is often contracted to respond to specific needs and challenges such as: succeeding in an interview or a high-stakes presentation, getting difficult messages across (restructuring, Job Safeguard Plan, etc.). Since 2020, he has developed specific courses on virtual communication and the impact of face-masks. 

Drawing on acting techniques, Frédéric Ségard leads and co-leads group training sessions on the themes of self-assertion, verbal impact and public speaking.

Frédéric provides individual coaching to executives, managers, lawyers, TV presenters, TV journalists, TV sports commentators, radio hosts, for specific and varied needs and objectives.

Frédéric also coaches actors - children and adults - in film and television.

He teaches Public Speaking at the University of Compiègne to professors and students.

  • Drama course: Cours J-L Cochet - Conservatoire Paris 5
  • Ecole du Théâtre de l'Ombre, Artistic director Jean-Marc Bernard (multidisciplinary teaching)
  • Théâtre du Piment Fou Company, Artistic Director Marc Feld (J. LECOQ School)