Coach, Trainer & Speaker


In recent years, Ève Berger-Grosjean has developed a way of mobilizing the intelligence of the body that is specifically oriented towards the growth and development of professional trajectories, taking into account the current societal issues.

She trains and works with people who wish to contribute to the mutations of the world by taking their full place as co-creators of new universes, with their body as a privileged partner.

Her latest book, "Retrouver l'intelligence du corps : une urgence dans nos organisations et nos modes de vie" (2020, Dunod), explores how to connect with the body as a space for encounter and dialogue with the living, to draw inspiration from for one's own existence and to make it participate in the life of the city via the environments in which we are embedded.

Having always been fascinated by the connection between body and senses, between inner sensations and new thoughts, Ève Berger-Grosjean chose psychomotricity as her first profession. Based on developmental psychology and neuroscience, this form of counselling considers sensoriality and the movement of our body as being inseparable from our emotional and relational resources. It allows us to become more aware of our body in order to make it an instrument of expression and communication.

She then discovered the power of the body's inner movement with fasciatherapy and somato-psychopedagogy, a holistic approach combining speech, movement, touch and meditation. The perception, reading and enrichment of inner movements are powerful levers for identifying and releasing individual potential and enabling each person to develop their sensory, emotional and relational intelligence in a particularly operational way.

A coaching practitioner since the mid-1980s, Ève Berger-Grosjean also directed the professional training organization for 17 years. This experience in the direction and management of small and medium-sized businesses has fuelled her motivation to link the principles of life that are expressed in the body to the issues of collaboration and co-creation that inhabit collective organizations, issues that are so crucial to the construction of our future.

Driven by her taste for research, Ève has a doctorate in Education Sciences and is an associate professor at university level. Her favourite themes: the place of the body in the processes of action, interaction and transformation of individuals and groups, and qualitative research methodologies.

  • Psychomotrician, Fasciatherapist
  • Somato psycho-pedagogue
  • Doctor and researcher in Education Sciences
  • Associate Professor at the Université du Québec à Rimouski (UQAR)