Alexandre TISSOT

Alexandre TISSOT

Transformation Architect & Supervisor


Alexandre Tissot has always been passionate about the concept of knowledge and the need to acquire and transmit it. Rather than choosing a single path, he seizes opportunities along the way to learn and teach. With a background in engineering, he combined his interest in human resources with his attraction to digital technology to specialize in knowledge management through his PhD. He then developed his professional experience while continuing his academic career as a teacher. After having led several projects focused on transformation issues for industrial groups, he turned to consulting for companies, then for individuals in the form of coaching and psychoanalysis.

Today, Alexandre Tissot positions himself as a "sparring partner" confronting, guiding and challenging managers in their strategy and their ways of supporting transformation. He helps them build their plan and mobilize their teams around this transformation.

He also supervises agents of transformation, in-house or external to the company, in the development of their practices and professional skills.

He also develops his own methodology and the tools necessary for his school of thought, the Ambidextre Transformateur®.

  • Affiliate Professor ESCP Business School
  • Engineer and PhD, Centrale Paris
  • Certified Mediat Coaching