Customer & Employee Experience Consultant


After a career in leading companies in the service industry, which allowed for her to gain a deep understanding of the business world its most operational as well as its most strategic dimensions, Agnès Sroka has been using her dual position as a consultant and coach since 2009 to help companies that are committed to the virtuous circle of transformation centred around the Customer.

His rich and varied background enables her to support companies in their strategic thinking as well as in the operational implementation of the chosen orientations and guarantees the reliability of the diagnosis and recommendation, the feasibility of the recommended solutions and the effectiveness of the implementation.

She is convinced that the prosperity of an organisation depends on the level of trust it establishes with its customers, and that this trust cannot flourish without the genuine commitment of the employees to the company's vision. Thus, to ensure sustainable development, an organisation must first and foremost transform itself and take care of its employees so that they can in turn put their full individual and collective potential to work for the company.

Her mission is to support managers who want to adapt their company to the experience economy and who want to create, grow and maintain a commitment to service excellence within their organisation. Her expertise in all areas of the Customer Experience and her deep human sensitivity allows for her field of intervention to span from the creation of service experiences to the implementation of the organisational environment and culture essential to their delivery.

Because we cannot talk about Customer Experience without talking about the Employee Experience, every director must therefore be both a professional of the customers' needs (i.e. a marketer) and a professional of the employees' needs (i.e. a manager); and every marketing project has a managerial dimension and vice versa!

Agnès Sroka has an insatiable thirst for knowledge and relentlessly explores, through research and training, new ways of understanding the social and societal changes that companies are facing. She is also committed to continuous learning so as to acquire the most up-to-date know-how and interpersonal skills that will enable her to provide the best possible support.

Agnès works in French and English. 

CCXP - Certified Customer Experience Professional
Certified in Innovation Games and Human Centered Design

  • Certified Coach " Coaching & Team Building " Transformance, Vincent Lenhardt
  • Transactional Analysis Practitioner (certification 101 & 202)
  • MBA from INSEAD