Senior Executive Coach & Supervisor


After studying economics at university, Gilles Vialard has evolved in complex professional environments in which he has developed the adaptability and relational skills that are at the heart of his approach.

He brings to his clients his experience in leading and managing private and public structures and international programmes.

The foundations of his coaching are structure and framework, sensitivity and connection, the search for meaning and alignment.

Deeply humanist, he works with companies on the ability to create conditions that will reveal the talents, richness, singularities and complementarities of their people and teams. In his opinion, coaching means inviting awareness into action and he considers company the ideal place for individual and collective development.

Gilles Vialard has been organizing retreats for leaders and managers for several years, in formats of 2 to 3 days, outside the walls, in direct contact with nature and in "digital disconnection" mode to reconnect with the path towards oneself, the "I", in order to put it at the service of the common good, the "WE".

Passionate about collective intelligence processes and facilitating the work of large organizations, Gilles has developed expertise in creating the conditions to bring to light what is present in a system or an organisation but not yet revealed.

A specialist in Open Space with a strong understanding of the lockdown dynamics linked to the pandemic, Gilles Vialard has developed with other members of the Brain Booster network digital applications that give large organizations access to the tools of Collective Intelligence (Open Forum, World Café, work in sub-groups, co-development...)

Gilles is also a supervisor. He remains involved in a permanent process of reinforcing his skills through continuous training and supervision and actively contributes to research groups and the publication of articles. He has co-organized several international conferences (Vision 2021 and Codev'In Med).

He is a founding member of Vision 2021 and the Communauté des Leaders Éclairés.

Certified Coach ICF (International Coaching Federation) since 2011
Member of PSF (Federation of Professional Supervisors)

  • Certified IDSup Supervisor
  • Certified coach " Formation Évolution & Synergie ".
  • Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Certified Collective Intelligence Facilitator (Robert Dilts)
  • Certified Open Space Technology Facilitator (Awarness Institute)
  • Certified in perceptive pedagogy (Via Corpo)
  • Training seminars, with Robert Dilts, Stephen Gilligan and Richard Moss specifically.
  • Also trained in : Theory U, NVC, Holocracy, Eco-psychology, Intelli7 (psychometric approach), Neuro-semantics, graphic facilitation...