Nathalie Delmas

Nathalie DELMAS

Senior Executive Coach


Her mission is to connect individuals to themselves (to their purpose), so that they can better connect to others, to their organization and to the world in order to dare to be, to do and to realize a new future that seems impossible today - the so-called 'disruptive'.
She continuously dares to transform and challenge her multi-dimensional approach by drawing on several theories and practices such as Breakthrough, neuroscience, systemic, ontological coaching, gestalt, Radical Innovation Design (RID), business strategy and marketing experience.

Her vision is to transform leaders and organizations for a new sustainable and equitable global economy.

In addition, in order to share and democratize her approach, Nathalie is also the author of a book entitled "Un leadership humain et performant ? Oui c'est poissble !", published by Mardaga in September 2021.

Originally from Quebec, perfectly bilingual (French and English), Nathalie has practiced in Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia.

She has an MBA from McGill University, is a certified MCC coach and has lived in Paris for over 14 years.